Web Page Design

At KITS we understand the fact that every business owner has his typical way of presenting service, products , concepts and ideas to his prospective clients. So when we develop the website, we start with the initial effort to understand and assess our client’s specific need, requirement, preference and approach. With our proven ‘Client Interaction Process’ once when we understand what exactly our client demands from us, then only we start with the web design process.

Right from the elementary process of taking inputs from the clients, scheduling and setting up the plan based on such inputs to implementation, testing and final beta release – all we do, using the latest web designing skills and technology.

Famed for our clarity, design style, transparent and free flowing ideas we at KITS, Sydney not only offer you inexpensive web design but indeed a search friendly design to make your site climb higher in the SERPs. In the internet era, where creating the state of the art website is the mantra, we design navigable, scanable, user friendly and SEO friendly websites to draw the target foot prints and indeed to be speak your brand image.

Regardless of whether you want a basic website design or want to make a custom website design to echo your brand image, our website design aids in increasing your company’s visibility while improving its graphic image.

Our website design services comprise some of the crucial creative steps:

  • We listen to our customers and allow them to provide all kind of inputs.
  • Our research team them prepares a questionnaire for the client to get his input on the basic requirements.
  • Based on the client’s input we design the website while keeping in mind target audience, market and overall uses of the site.
  • We develop three or more mock ups and send all these to the specific client for their valued feedback.
  • After the client approves the design, we further fine tune it and make it search engine friendly.
  • After the final implementation we send the design for approval from the client.
  • After the design is approved we implement the final design on the client’s server.

Our website design services include all of the following:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Flash Website Design
  • Web 2.0 Design
  • Logo Design
  • Banner Design